Participate in the virtual stamp card program during the Technology Showcase and be eligible for one of our prizes! Each exhibitor will be giving out virtual codes.  Collect as many as you can and submit it to us through the provided link.  We will be raffling off an ipad mini, apple watch, oculus quest, and a variety of  $100 gift cards!


Monday, June 29th

Technology Showcase (2:00-4:00 PM PDT) (Session 7A)

Come and explore our virtual exhibit to see what they have to share with you!

Attendees have the option to participate in our virtual stamp card program.  Each exhibitor will be giving out virtual codes.  Collect as many codes as you can and submit them here to be eligible for our drawing!  The more codes you have the better chance you have at winning one of our 8 prizes!

Join in our technical sessions and be eligible for our drawings!  Each of our exhibitors will be raffling off a prize.  Visit them and be eligible to win the following prizes:

  • Econolite: Blue Beats Headphones
  • Applied Information: GoPro Hero 8
  • Cisco: Orbi mesh wifi system
  • Cubic-Trafficware: Black/Red Beats Headphones
  • McCain: Airpod Pros
  • Iteris: Airpod Pros

Tuesday, June 30th

Technical Solutions Session (11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT) (Session 13)

Find out how some of our industry partners are solving current transportation issues.  Descriptions of their presentations are below.  Attendees will be eligible for drawings that each of our exhibitors will be holding.

Honolulu’s Connected Future – join Econolite, the University of HI, and Hawaii DOT for a peek into one of the state’s largest ITS projects, which includes a Living Lab and one of the most technologically advanced roadways in the U.S. –  paving the way to safer, smarter and more efficient mobility for Hawaii’s citizens and visitors.

Revolutionize traffic in your city! The promise of connected vehicles is now a reality. By utilizing Applied Information’s system and current infrastructure, connected vehicles provides Day 1 use cases such as red light running, emergency vehicles alerts, and increased cyclist and pedestrian safety. We will tackle how to utilize technology and our cloud-based Glance software to better maintain and operate your traffic equipment and remotely manage school zones and intersections through data collection.

The Cisco team will be covering in detail and demo the Cisco Connected Communities Infrastructure,  providing a demo of field security capabilities and will also cover new technical announcements and what that means for field connectivity.

11:00-11:20 – Cisco Connected Communities Infrastructure Demo (Software Defined Access)
11:20-11:30 – IoT Security Demo
11:30-11:40 – New Product Technical Announcement
11:40-12:00 – AMA on Cisco related products, solutions, etc.

Cubic | Trafficware will provide a high level overview of the hardware and software in our product catalog which targets advancing the quality of life for all road users. We will focus on our green initiatives which target optimizing the flow of motorists, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, while also expediting the arrival of emergency vehicles and maintaining transit vehicle schedules. The SynchroGreen adaptive software solution will also be highlighted, noting the minimal infrastructure requirements, flexible optimization algorithm and benefits achieved.

Transportation Infrastructure Upgrades: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

It’s a fact of life, every agency will need to upgrade their transportation infrastructure sooner or later.  In this session, we will take an in depth look at the major pain points involved in a large scale traffic equipment upgrade and detail strategies for minimizing the disruption.  We will also provide tips to consider when evaluating new technology as well as the often overlooked cost and impact a misaligned migration can have on performance of the signal system and traffic operations staff.

The Modern Intersection by Iteris

Modern intersections use a combination of mobility intelligence and technologies to be more aware, connected and data driven. As a result, agencies with modern intersections can enhance safety, reduce congestion, cut down on complaints and optimize operating efficiency across an entire transportation network. Please join us as we share the anatomy of a modern intersection and discuss how you can transform your intersections to be future-ready.

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